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About Us



Poden&Cool was born in 2018 as a sustainable Iberian-style concept store. Its products, exclusively manufactured in Spain and Portugal, are handcrafted using natural materials and fibers. Besides physical stores in the Canary Islands, it distributes its fashion products online throughout Europe and now also in the USA which, historically, has been the second most popular country visiting the Poden&Cool website.

As a concept store, it has a wide variety of products for women and men. Fashion articles ranging from shoes, shirts, jackets, accessories, home decor, personal care, and some unique artsy gifts. Some of its most iconic and popular products are linen-made shirts, Burel wool backpacks, and traditional espadrilles.

Jacinto Gutierrez, Brand Product Manager, explains that "we are proposing a style but also an opinion which is based on the creation of elegant tendencies from traditional concepts. We try to be a modern voice that speaks to its buyers and followers about traditions and about a lifestyle that embraces sustainable and healthy values surrounded by an engaging humanized urban environment."  

Poden&Cool is a store concept as unique as the pharaonic Podenco dogs which are part of the company logo and came from Egypt to Spain more than 3,000 years ago.

We hope you enjoy our brand as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Thank you for your support.


Email contact@podencool.us or call +1.917.767.1692 for more info.